The designer and artist Julie Wolfe visited Ecuador from September 19-27, 2011. During her tour she had the opportunity to share her knowledge and methodologies with artisans in the Ecuadorian Amazon. A group of 15 women participated in a workshop to improve their designs and techniques of jewelry for sale to tourists. This event was made possible by a collaboration with the Foundation DISMOD Sinchi Sacha, and the Fashion Institute of Design and has the support of the Embassy of the United States of America. Ms. Wolfe spent five days with artisans in the Amazon and the program culminated with the socialization of the results of the workshops. The presentation of the processes learned were shown at an event with artists, designers and craftsmen. Another event showcasing the results of the workshop were held at the Museum of Quito Mindalae on September 27, 2011.

"This program is a unique opportunity for cultural exchange. Talented women of the two countries gathered together for the betterment of a craft. The results of this meeting will be visible in art objects that travel from the Ecuadorian Amazon to the world, "said Cultural Affairs Officer Lisa Swenarski.


TAKT Artist Residency in Berlin, Germany

The Berlin/TAKT Residency is a 3 month residency in Friedrichshain, East Berlin. It is a program offered to emerging and mid-career artists so that they can explore Berlin, participate in studio critiques, gallery talks and language study while developing a body of work for a group exhibition.

UNESCO Exchange in Andorra

The main objective of the Art camp of Andorra is bringing together around thirty artists coming from 5 continents with the view to promote artistic creation and debate on the importance of the challenge presented by climatic change and all its repercussions on the planetary level as defined by the UNESCO in the framework of the celebration of the Year declared the “International Year of the Planet Earth” (IYPE). The main aim of this year is inducing the whole society to take conscience of the intimate relationship that exists between the Humanity and the Planet Earth. The so-called developed societies presently represent the biggest and fastest “non extraterrestrial factor” that can modify and alter the dynamics of our planet.